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What is this NBRO ?

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National Building Research Organisation Today

National Building Research Organisation is a leading research & development institution in the country and a reputed technical services provider in the fields of geotechnical engineering, landslide risk management, human settlements planning, environmental monitoring, building materials research, and engineering project management. NBRO functions under the purview of Ministry of Disaster Management.

NBRO possesses modern laboratories and field equipment and an experienced staff. Since its inception in 1984, NBRO has grown to become a much-sought after technical services provider in the country today, with a very good reputation for its timely delivery of quality services.

NBRO also functions as the national focal point for landslide risk management and as its important responsibilities conducts landslide investigation and risk assessment, implements hazard zonation mapping project, monitors rainfall and ground movements and issues landslide early warning, and implements landslide and unstable slope mitigation projects. In addition, NBRO issues Landslide Risk Assessment Reports as a pre-requisite for granting of building permits and approval of development projects.

NBRO recognizes the diversity of the problems faced by the nation in their living environment, and with its multi-disciplinary capabilities, geared up to achieve suitable solutions to maintain and improve the high quality of life, and to promote and build disaster resilience in the country.

NBRO is composed of six technical divisions and they in alphabetical order are: Building Materials Research & Testing Division, Environmental Services and Studies Division, Geotechnical Engineering & Testing Division, Human Settlements Planning and Training Division, Landslide Research and Risk Management Division and Project Management Division. The technical divisions are supported by the Corporate Division, Program Unit and Internal Audit Unit of NBRO. Further, ten district offices have been established in landslide prone districts for effective landslide risk management work.


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